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Latest bugs filed for conquery

Bug #Description
22614 installation links from do not work
19424 Context/Popup menu stay appearing, when double-click on the 'Query to...'.
19423 Doesn't display McAfee SiteAdvisor's icon/popup on the google search results
19422 on the Linux ver. Fx 3, query config dialog height become 1px
19108 on Fx3, Error occurred when double click item in ConQuery config dialog
19107 on Fx3, doesn't parse Moz/OpenSearch double namespace search engine
19063 Illegal encoding non-ascii strings in PATH_INFO format query url
19062 Doesn't open "Query config" dialog, when query url format is PATH_INFO
18306 search not working for search plugins with parameter "submit"
18067 Localisation for Seamonkey de-AT

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