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Note: automatic installation of plugins to user defined directory is not supported, unless it is not write protected "mozdir"/searchplugins/. Alternatively, use "Save link to disk" on "view plugin" to install plugin to desired dir. Please vote for xpinstall Bug #15239 so plugin.xpi could automaticly locate your plugin directory

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install/view/gotoMerriam-Webster Dictionary Seach Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
install/view/gotoVan Dale Woordenboek Van Dale Woordenboek

Net services

install/view/goto!ConQuery vars test Test all ConQuery variables @ (works from 0.8 and higher)
install/view/gotoAPNIC whois Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
install/view/gotoARIN whois American Registry for Internet Numbers
install/view/gotoAlexa site info Display Alexa's traffic data for the current site
install/view/gotoLACNIC whois Latin American and Caribbian Internet Adresses Registry
install/view/gotoRIPE whois RIPE Network Coordination Centre

Programming search

install/view/gotoLXR The Linux Cross-Reference
install/view/gotoPlanet source Code Planet source Code

Reference services

install/view/gotoAcronym Finder Search Acronym Finder
install/view/gotoISBN book lookup Find book by ISBN at
install/view/gotoRFC lookup Find RFC by number

Shopping search

install/view/ Books Advanced Search Advanced books search with (Works only with ConQuery 0.6 and higher)


install/view/gotoAltaVista translate Babel Fish Translation @
install/view/ translation service


install/view/ Seach electronic telefonbook Austria

Web development

install/view/gotoSelectoracle CSS code Translations of CSS3 selectors at
install/view/gotoW3C validate this CSS W3C CSS Validation Service
install/view/gotoW3C validate this page W3C MarkUp Validation Service

Web search

install/view/gotoGoogle Advanced Search Advanced search with Google (Works only with ConQuery 0.6 and higher)

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