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ConQuery puts your regular searches to the context menu and allows you to search for selected text
If no text selected, ConQuery acts as a list of shortcuts to the search engines, allowing you to enter search terms manually
Tune up ConQuery for much comfortable and smooth work

Quick tutorial

After you have installed ConQuery, it autamatically detects all search engines installed under Firefox and displays them under "Query to..." entry of context menu. Now you are able to search selected word or phrase via one of the listed search engines.
More search engines can be found at Mycroft (Mozilla search) project. It is not necessary to restart browser after installing search plugins.

Whenever you want to correct the content of selected text, you may hold Ctrl key while executing search engine and ConQuery will bring you configuration dialog for that engine. Edit text and press Ok to proceed, or Cancel to interrupt query.
If you executing search engine with no selected text on a page, it will force ConQuery to bring Query Configuration dialog. So you may use "Query to.." as the list of shortcuts to serach engines.

If you don't want certan search engines to be shown on your list, you can uncheck "Show?" checkbox in ConQuery configuration panel. Double click on "Query to..." to bring it up.

Preferences allows you to define custom directory to read search plugins from, and manner of opening query results: new window or new tab.

Under the Preferences tab you can turn on "Hot menu mode": then hold Shift key while "rightclicking" on a page, and Firefox will show only ConQuery context menu.

Ok, thats enough. If you need just search, just start searching :)
But we also have some:

Advanced features, based on ConQuery search plugins

You can use more than one value in plugin's inputs.

You can configure some of the plugins so they will be shown only if regexp matches the selection or any of the page parameters supported by ConQuery (url, host e.t.c). Also it is possible to use regex matches in query.

For information on advanced use of ConQuery see documentation CookBook

For questions or comments about conquery, please send a message to the conquery mailing list.
For questions or comments not about a specific project, please read our feedback page.
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